Extension in Horsham

We’re working on an interesting extension in Horsham at the moment. The owners wanted to knock out an old, tired and cramped kitchen and extend it to make a large, bright kitchen/family room. We’re mid way through the project this week and about to put the walls in and fit their new kitchen units. Watch for updates as it nears completion.


Here’s a great idea to dress-up your tired old dormer windows. We’ve recently completed a new roof in Surrey, and the owners asked us to sort out their old, leaking dormers which were clad with rattling concrete tiles. So we gave them a fresh look with this new concrete-wood cladding system.

What many people aren’t aware of is that the planks can easily be repainted, making them not only hard wearing and weather resistant but versatile as well.

If you’d like a free quote for cladding all or part of your house then get in touch at sales@rmcarpentry.com


Something’s Rotten in Surrey

You know what it’s like, you breathe a sigh of relief each spring because your roof makes it through another year, you ignore the birds that nest in your walls in Spring and wake you up each morning, and you patch up the holes when the baby birds have flown. but wouldn’t you like to see what’s going on underneath? – well maybe not if it looks like this!

Once the birds get in it’s only a matter of time before the water follows, and the larvae of wood-boring insects, and before you know it, your roof timbers look more like the set of a wildlife documentary.


RMBlog_0002Ok, not a football in sight, but it beats balancing on a wobbly ladder with a stack of tiles!

We are lucky enough to have a few excellent scaffolding companies here in the South, so I thought it was about time that we pay homage to these guru’s of the Keepie-Uppie. Keep up the great work guys (you know who you are).

New EU Building Regs?

RMBlog_0001What’s going on here then? Is this the European Union’s new recommendation for bedroom ventilation? or did someone forget to measure twice?

Never mind, R&M will fix it 🙂

Blue-Sky Building

Here comes the end of the summer! and with it a load of roof work as home owners remember the leak they had back in February.

We always do our best to fit everyone in if they need an urgent job done, but please remember that this is a busy time of year.